Many people have questions about which work-from-home data entry programs work, so we researched several online work-from-home data-entry jobs and typist jobs, and found that most of the companies promise that their programs work, but they actually don't. As a matter of fact we purchased several types of data-entry programs to find that there were only dead ends and; in many cases we had to wait in a long line for assignments that weren't really there. We shopped all the popular work-from-home data-entry programs from outsourcing, word processing, transcription, clerical, affiliate, through data ad submissions. We researched the one-time fee, and monthly-membership programs, even the so-called free programs. Be careful of the so-called free data entry services; we learned there is no such thing. Sign up was free, but once we started to access the companies' lists, software, etc., we ended up spending more than the one-time fee or the monthly membership. For most of these companies we had no success within any of the categories offered. There was no customer support or money-back guarantee. Bottom line; WE GOT SCAMMED.

However, we did find a few companies that were unique and legitimate, and that lived up to what they promised. The uniqueness of these programs is why they made our five-star rating. They took the best features from all different types of data-entry and home-typing programs and they put them into one program. This eliminated the problems we had been running into. The criteria we used to rate the programs were: 1) the actual results promised in the Web site were legitimate, 2) how soon we earned back our membership investment, and started earning positive income, 3) how easy it was to understand and follow the program. The programs we gave five-star ratings did excellent in meeting these criteria. Many data-entry programs promised big money, but the ones we gave five-star ratings actually started producing the results they promised when we were a month into their programs. We did make money right away and it keeps growing. If you would like to see some recent stats, feel free to contact us; we will show you our earnings. We are still continuing to use these programs and are making no false statements here. You can make a decent living if you spend the time, follow the directions they provide, and don't give up too quickly. The final criterion in rating these programs was that they had to offer a 100%-satisfaction money-back guarantee. All of the programs that made our five-star ratings offer this guarantee. We learned the hard way that it is

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