How to apply for a website domain name?

How to apply for a website domain name?
Question: I want to apply for a domain name for a website, such as : www.feitian.com, but how to apply such a domain name? Where? Fee? thanks!

1.Can get one from Netfirms for $5.95 (includes private domain registration - usually an option for other registrars costing at least $6.99, so don't get tricked) - http://moourl.com/kaefy

Remember you will need storage as well (domain is just the name) for your website - we call that web hosting. You can get that at Netfirms as well (if you get web hosting, you get the domain for free depending on the plan).
2. I recommend using GoDaddy to register your name. Fees may apply. Check out their website first, they are more reliable than Yahoo! or another mass market.
3. Go to Goddady.com and start finding and purchase.
4. You might want to register here too, its a free domain registration
Check this link below:
5. not free. Go to name.com & buy it for 5.99 dollar. Thats it, you don't need to apply to anybody.
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