How to get extra money from internet?

1.Since you are a software engineer you can open a blog about the topic. Maybe you can offer a service or advice for a small fee. You can get a free blog @ blogger.com. Affiliate marketing is also an idea to earn a few extra bucks passively.1) go to www.blogger.com2) start your blog3) advertise using Google Adsense4) place pay per click ads in your blog from www.linkshare.com and commisionjunction.com.
Hi,I am Ajaero Tony Martins, an internet marketer who makes a full time income online. I have reviewed answers posted earlier on and i can tell you that you can't make your desired income target of $1,000 monthly because:1) The programs they posted about are not in any way referred to as internet business/professions.2) All they are after is earning few cents from their referral links and so called programs.To make your targeted income online, you must follow this internet business models.1) Sell a hot in demand product to hungry customers.2) Offer services which are highly needed by internet users,( Do you know you can make unimaginable income online offering services or products which you have interest,hobby,passion or expertise in e.g software engineering which is your expertise).3) You don't have a product or service to offer, then partner with those who do with affiliate programs( also known as joint venture or internet partnership).Dear friend, i can't say it all here but i am currently building a website to help aspiring internet entrepreneurs like you. It is now accessible but not yet completed.You can check it out at:http://www.bestbusinessmentor.comYours sincerelyAjaero Tony Martinswww.bestbusinessmentor.com
3. Hi bobThere are many legitimate work from home opportunities available to you. There are also many scams out there. You will need to do your home work to keep from getting burned.I have a BS degree in engineering and for several years I worked as a structural engineer on nuclear power plants. So you may find that I am giving you a few more details than you desire. But that is how engineers are! Eventually I went off to Bible College and began pastoring full time. As a pastor I was not making enough money to support my family of four. Forsaking my calling was not an option. Neither did I desire to go back to work in corporate America. Traffic, bosses, and other considerations pushed me to work from home.The first thing you need to decide is, are you looking for a JOB or a business opportunity. Each one is very different. A job may offer you more security and a steady paycheck but you are building the owners dreams not yours. A job should not have any or very little start cost because the owner is taking care of the overhead.A business is not a job. You are the owner and you are the one taking the risk. But you are also the one that will reap the rewards for your success. You are working toward your dreams not someone else’s. Yes, with a business of your own there will be a start up cost. But as you know even a child’s lemonade stand has a start up cost. The parents may buy the lemons, sugar, and paper cups for them but there is a start up cost.So first decide do you desire a job where you may have security but you are helping someone else achieve their dreams. Or do you desire a business of your own. You take the risk but you also reap the rewards of your success. For me I am willing to take the risk of building my own business.If you decide to start your own business there are some things to consider. First, you need to decide how much money you are willing to invest to get started. Yes there is a cost to start a business, even when starting a lemonade stand.Second, you need to decide if you desire to market a product or a service. Which ever you do make sure that it is a commodity that is in demand. Learn more about this at http://www.TinyURL.com/32T9JL .Third, I suggest you make sure the company has been around for some years. Over 90% of businesses fail in their first year. Then the majority of the other 10% fail in the next 4 years. So chose a business that has some time on its’ side.Fourth, make sure the compensation is worth your time and effort.Fifth, make sure the person you are working with has the ability to mentor and coach you. Most home base businesses fail because the person does not get any one on one mentoring. No successful business person makes it on their own. They always have a source for coaching and mentoring. The source is often the combination of books and individuals.I know this has been long but I hope it has been of value for you. Much success as you go through this journey of life. You will have success.To check out what I do type in http://www.EasyLivingNow.com in your web browser.

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