How to Create One Way Backlinks to Your Website

Everyone that does business on the internet, whether it is for social, news, or profitable purposes want more traffic. The real reason we put up a web page is so that it can be seen by others. Search Engine Optimizers would have you believe that on page factors and content is the most important part of the equation. Not so. Off page factors, especially linking, are the real gold mine of traffic.

1. Determine your niche through key word research: Use a tool like the inventory at overture to determine valid keywords and keyword search terms for your web site. 2. Research your competition: Perform a search using the three major search engines for the Niche research terms you have selected for your web site. 3. Determine the sites linking to your competition: The three major search engines all provide the “link:" command. Put this command in front of the website address that you would like to check the back links for and voila you have your competitor’s advocates. 4. Submit your site to web directories. Avoid using automated software for such purposes, doing it manually and submitting your sites individually to each directory is known to produce better results and will fetch you more links. There are submission service companies like, www.directorymaximizer.com,www.directorymaximizer.com, which will do the submissions manually for you at a nominal cost if you feel your time is better spent elsewhere. 5. Write several articles 400-500 words long on the niche topic of your web site. 6. Contact the owners of the web sites that link to your competition by email. Take care to be honest and cordial as many of today’s web masters have no patience for rude or impersonal requests. 7. Submit your article with a short resource box that contains a “contextual" anchor text link containing the niche search phrase you determined in your initial research. You can create an anchor text link by using the html based tag. 8. Submit your articles to article sites. Again be aware of others feelings and needs by reading and following site submission guidelines. 9. As the shampoo bottle says, Lather – Rinse – Repeat! Establishing back links is a full time job and one that often escapes most web masters. No software, script, or email campaign will ever be as effective at creating one way back links like the steps above.

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