How to make a website be found in google?

how to make my website searchable?
1.Generally, the more popular it is, the more chance it will have of being found easier on Google. I have a blog, with not one single comment, and it is still easy to find on Google for some reason. Keep adding posts to your blog, keep it active, and it will be spotted easier.
2.As soon as your site is available on the Internet, you can submit it to Google by completing the add URL form at:www.google.com/addurl.htmlAnother way to be listed, and to raise your page rank too, is by getting other websites to link to yours. After that, when Google’s robots or spiders, known as Googlebot, crawl the web, they should run across your site within a month or so. There are two types of crawls, fresh crawls and deep crawls. Your site most likely will first get a fresh crawl in which only pages Google deems most important are crawled. After Google runs a deep crawl of your site, most, if not all of the pages on your website that contain links from other pages will be crawled and subsequently listed on Google, except pages that are included in the file robots.txt, which lists pages that you don’t want Google to crawl and pages containing code that Google is unable to parse.
3.Submit your website URL to http://www.google.com/addurl/ to get listed in google search. However, you need to work out on your content with some keywords to get better ranking from the search result.
4.Here is a post telling how to get indexed by Google very fast.http://www.dailytechnologytips.com/2008/...If you follow these steps mentioned in the post. Your blog will appear in Google in very short time.Thanks,Technology Updatehttp://feedshub.blogspot.com

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