Do we have spirit after life?

Many of my loved people like my mother,my grandmother, my aunt have died, I love them and think of them, and hope people still have a life after death. When I dream of them, I don't know if they are really come to see me or just because I think of them? One day, I dreamed of my grandmother, she said "I am awarded to be the kindness god, and I am living in the apartment of green leaves, room 203. When I awake, I search in the web and cannot find a place called green leaves apartment. I even call my father and let him tell me if he can find an place called 'green leaves apartment'. You know, every weekend, I go to China Town to buy foods, half year after that dream, when I am walking in China Town, I looked up and suddenly find the apartment before me is called 'GREEN LEAVES APARTMENT' exactly! It is a 4 layers of old building, I am sure the room 203 does exist. But I am so scared and didn't go upstairs to look for my grandmother. Who can explain to me? Do people have spirit after life?


Anonymous said...

Nowhere does the Bible mention the "immortal soul." Immortality is conferred on a person (not a "soul") by belief in God (John 5:24), so the "immortal soul" will not be burning forever and ever and ever. What kind of loving God would do that? When your "soul" dies, it goes to "hell" ("she'ol," "grave," "pit") (Eccl. 9:10) to await the resurrection. The Hebrew word most often translated "soul" is "nephesh" and means a living being. The word nephesh is in the first chapter of Genesis 4 (four) times.

Ghosts do not exist. Evil spirits do and are capable of making some people believe that they are resurrected friends or family or others. As fallen angels, they DO have free will, and the sin of pride (self being more important than God's will) will send them to the fire "prepared for the devil and his angels." (Matthew 25:41)

Anonymous said...

Catholics believe that after death the spirit lives on, waiting for the final judgement, and experiencing something of the existence that awaits them. At the time of judgement, those destined for eternal bliss with God will receive a glorified body similar to the body Jesus displayed after his resurrection.

In the meantime, without a physical body, the dead cannot contact us, although they may be aware of us and our needs. Those spirits who died in God's friendship can and will intercede for us with God. Don't be afraid to talk to them as you might have when they were physically alive.

Anonymous said...

they do have spirit, they also have their personality.
I do believe they come to visit in our dreams.
You could ask for a sign from your loved one, and they pay attention to little things..
maybe it was a message she was trying to tell you..
1 week ago
"Never say Goodbye" Patrick Mathews

Bob said...

The cold hard truth is that we dont know. I have faith in my belief and you will have faith in yours and the atheasts will have faith in theirs. That is all we can have but it is called the Unknown for a reason... Its unknown...

Anonymous said...

Im gonna tell you straight up.
Live your life according to the Bible and you will surley live on in heaven. When you die you leave your body. What we see now is not actually us its just a human over our spirit. wow thats kinda wierd.

If you do what you want and dont obey God and you keep going back to your old ways your are just gonna burn in hell. If you think its hot now imagine how it'd be in hell. wow now thats hot.

YOu either get yourself in alignment with God and live ETERNITY IN HEAVEN or

You do waht you want and be ban and BURN ETERNITY IN HELL.

Imagine it when you die would you want to burn in hell forever. think about it thats FOREVER.


The mind cant even imagine all the good stuff up there.

i think i went off question sorry.

anyways we do have a spirit after we die.
1 week ago
God Himself

Anonymous said...

Yes, everybody has spirit after their human die. Everyone goes to either 1 of 2 places, heaven or hell. And no, i am not making this up, it is the truth from the Bible. Now, just by reading the 2 choices, which place would you rather be when you die? Heaven or hell? You would want to be in heaven right? Well to go to heaven, you must accept Jesus into your life to be your Savior and Lord. Perhaps you have no idea what i'm talking about. Ok, let me explain. First off, i must ask you, do you believe in God? Jesus? If so, do you believe that God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins? Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead the 3rd day? Do you believe that you are a sinner and that everyone sins? If so, you can accept Jesus to come into your life to be your Savior and Lord. Now i won't go into all the detail here simply because it would take a while, but i'll give you some place to go to concerning this topic. And please take time to look at them, especialy if you want to go to heaven and not hell. Hell is the place for eternal torment. Heaven is eternal life with God, which is full of peace and no sin.

Anonymous said...

someone say: go to heaven or hell
others say: resurrection and go back to another life
some others say: unknown
some others say: no spirit after life
some others say: sprity spill into the new lives, but may spread to multi-lives