The weird green leaves apartment

My grandmother is a respected person in my family. She cared about everyone with her heart. She died in 1993. One day, I dreamed of my grandmother, she said "I am awarded to be the kindness god, and I am living in the apartment of green leaves, room 203. When I awake, I search in the web and cannot find a place called green leaves apartment. I even call my father and let him tell me if he can find an place called 'green leaves apartment'. You know, every weekend, I go to China Town to buy foods, half year after that dream, when I am walking in China Town, I looked up and suddenly find the apartment before me is called 'GREEN LEAVES APTMENT' exactly! it is 4 layers of old building, I am sure the room 203 does exist. But I am so scared and didn't go upstairs to look for my grandmother. Who can explain to me? Should I go to check it out? I remember, in that dream, I asked for her, 'Are you always in that room'. She said, 'No, sometimes when I am out, for example, when I am here, the room is empty.'


Bob said...

OMG!!! u should totally go. but i know i'd be scared too.
but if u can just go and let us know wats up

Bob said...

Your grandmother's words could have simply meant that you would always think of her when you drank green tea in your apartment, or the numbers 203 could have been an apartment that she once lived in. Since you had the dream, it could also be that those numbers have a meaning to you that you have forgotten.

If it were me, I would follow up on the apartment house in China town. I am just curious enough to want to know. I really wonder if she lived there at one time. Please e-mail me at my screen name at yahoo.com to let me know what you learn!! Thank you and happy hunting.